billing people awards

Winners Announced at the National Billing People Awards

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The winners of the National Billing People Awards were announced on 25 September via video conference. The National Billing People Awards received a large volume…

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Avoid Growing Pains With Back-office Efficiency

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One of the problems of rapid success in business is that the trading situation often outpaces the ability of the back-office and admin functions to…

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Intelligent Billing Systems of Tomorrow

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Intelligent billing systems of tomorrow – how hefty investments in billing system upgrades will create more powerful platforms and stronger margin opportunities for resellers. I…

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telecoms fraud

Telecoms Fraud: Minimising The Risk

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It’s no secret that telecoms fraud has become one of the most widespread and damaging problems facing the telecoms industry today. Telecoms fraud comes in…

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choosing a billing platform

Choosing A Billing Platform

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No one can deny that a billing platform is essential to any CP’s business. Yet despite its obvious importance, many resellers don’t often look beyond…

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Telecoms Revenue Assurance

How Important is Telecoms Revenue Assurance?

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One of the things that has come as a surprise to us over the last few years is that the communications providers (CPs) that have…

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A new destination for Billing People has arrived.

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An effective billing strategy might not be glamorous, but it is crucial for any reseller business operating in the ICT channel. Equally important are the…

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