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An effective billing strategy might not be glamorous, but it is crucial for any reseller business operating in the ICT channel. Equally important are the billing personnel that manage operations in this pivotal area of service delivery.

Despite the obvious importance of billing, it’s a function of the business that is all too often taken for granted. Launched in association with Union Street, the channel’s leading supplier of telecoms billing solutions, Billing People seeks to rectify this disparity and bring some much needed recognition to billing professionals.

Commenting on the launch of Billing People General Manager, Steph Dempsey, said, “The Billing People Community was founded to bring together the channel’s billing personnel to share ideas, find common ground, and learn from one another. We have free local meetups in over 160 cities, deep-dive training and workshops to help you level-up your skills in a hurry, and conferences that bring the whole product tribe together every year.

Join us to find other product managers, share what you’ve learned, or get some insight into your own challenges.

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